Verbal Football’s Hiatus

It is just under a year since this blog, Verbal Football was created on WordPress. I had high hopes and ambitions for the blog but I also knew it was going to be tough, hard and a long road. However, site stats/reads/views have not improved in this time which has persuaded me to write independently for other sites/blogs that have a strong following. After all, if no one is reading this, then what is the point?

Please check out the back log of articles here, hopefully there are still some articles that are relevant and not too much out of context.

If you’re looking for a decent football blog, then I would highly recommend Natter Football.

For those very rare followers of this blog, I thank you. I will not be deleting this site, because one day I hope Verbal Football will be a fully operating Football Social Media platform. But for now, follow me on Twitter: @G_Freebody


Matt G-Freebody


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