DVD Review: Giggs Fitness

 This year has been one to forget for Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs, with the scandal circulating the press and social media websites with his off the field activities, it probably did not help sales for his ‘Yoga/Fitness’ DVD simply titled; Giggs Fitness.

The 37-year old has been a top performer despite his age which is surprising to many, as a player in his position usually declines in performance once they reach the age of 30, where pace, stamina and flexibility start to become a strain.

But the Welsh Wizard has been able to be a top performer for United for the last several seasons and has put it down to extra fitness training in the form of Yoga. This form of exercise is not overly popular in the world of football but is becoming increasingly used as professional teams want to maximise performances of their players.

And Ryan’s agent probably thought it was best for him and his client to cash in on this new and indifferent take of a fitness DVD. Whilst there are plenty of Fitness Yoga DVD’s on the shelf in your local supermarkets and media stores, they’re usually Continue reading