Verbal Football’s Hiatus

It is just under a year since this blog, Verbal Football was created on WordPress. I had high hopes and ambitions for the blog but I also knew it was going to be tough, hard and a long road. However, site stats/reads/views have not improved in this time which has persuaded me to write independently for other sites/blogs that have a strong following. After all, if no one is reading this, then what is the point?

Please check out the back log of articles here, hopefully there are still some articles that are relevant and not too much out of context.

If you’re looking for a decent football blog, then I would highly recommend Natter Football.

For those very rare followers of this blog, I thank you. I will not be deleting this site, because one day I hope Verbal Football will be a fully operating Football Social Media platform. But for now, follow me on Twitter: @G_Freebody


Matt G-Freebody


Why do we support our Football Club?

   After a recent trip to North Yorkshire, I couldn’t help but notice the number of Chelsea shirts worn by kids and adults around the town. Growing up, it was very normal to see Manchester United and Liverpool shirts to be seen in every part of the United Kingdom, and especially since Arsene Wenger’s success at Arsenal, there have been more Gooners spreading from outside of the Capital. Continue reading

A Reflection on the UEFA Champions League – London 2011.

  I think it’s pertinent to opine on the recent UEFA Champions League carnival which occupied London for the past week.

As a precursor to the UEFA Champions League final, there was a free UEFA Champions League festival which took place in Hyde Park for seven days. Football novices and experts alike eagerly attended the event laid on by UEFA (That’s good PR, take note FIFA). A replica of the original European Cup was laid out for photographs, as well as Continue reading

Happy St George’s Day

Verbal Football would like to wish you a Happy St George’s Day!

Apologies for the inactivity on this blog over the last 2 weeks, but rest assured, Verbal Football will buzzing next week with various content for your eyes only. Meanwhile, enjoy your football full Easter weekend!

Time to Jump on the Band Wagon!

Welcome to Verbal Football! Just another football blog on the ‘tinternet’.

The ‘About’ link at the top of the page will provide you with information, but as this is the debut post for this new blog in 2011, I feel it should have an introductory feel.

The Football Blog is starting to become one of the biggest trends on the web, as fans are starting to take it upon themselves to write about the beautiful game than rely on the paid journalists and pundits that produce content for multimedia sports publications.

Whilst this is an excellent development as it allows real fans to have a voice, it also smacks in the face of those of us who spent years studying journalism at University, racking up the debt only to discover that there are minimal jobs in the industry.

However, any bitterness that may be derived from the above paragraph, is only aimed at myself, for not jumping on the football blog band wagon sooner. But there is no time like the present, and with a half-asked attempt of a blog on in the past behind me and currently part of an Internship scheme with a great football website, it’s time for Verbal Football to join the Football Blog league.

Ambitions for the future of this blog are extremely high, but I am also a realist and at the moment, this blog is starting off in the Football Blog equivalent of the Isthmian Premier Division. It’s going to take a lot of dedication and perseverance, but the writers of this site possess enough arsenals to push for promotion.

This blog is entirely independent and free of affiliation to any other blogs, publications, football clubs and leagues. However, as us writers are based in England, it will be the main focus but I can assure you that the up-coming content will be various considering our interest in world football.

Perhaps our first mistake is not focussing on a certain niche in the football blog market, like many successful bloggers have done. But, personal ambitions aside, the writers love football and want to express our thoughts on the game.

We welcome feedback with open arms, good or bad, as long as you don’t get too personal. Constructive criticism will be important if this blog is to grow, so if you don’t like something at least give an explanation. For those who like the site and want to let us know, please do, even the best of us need our ego’s boosted on occasion.

On a serious note, the content on this site is not aimed to insult or disrespect anyone or anything, it’s purely a platform for two football fans to give their opinion on football, for our enjoyment and hopefully yours.

So I salute you a toast with my cyber-pint in hand that this is the start of Verbal Football and many happy returns to come!